Harvest 2017: an eventful year

September 28, 2017
Harvest 2017: an eventful year

Even if we endured some spring frosts like most of the French vineyards, our vines were beautiful in July and harvesting forecasts very optimistic. The harvest was expected during the first half of September. Unfortunately, a rainy weather in August enabled the growth of grape berries but also posed the threat of grey rot. To guarantee the quality of the grapes and avoid damages, we decided to start harvesting the affected plots as soon as the minimum ripeness was reached. Thanks to our maturity monitoring, we have been able to plan the picking at best.

The harvest 2017 started on September 1st and ended on September 11th, luckily avoiding the rainy days that occurred before and after. Careful handpicking, quality controls at the pressing center and systematic tasting of the musts allowed us to select only the best of the grapes.

Last week, the very first tastings after the alcoholic fermentation revealed that the wines will be clean and pleasant. It is too early to be more precise, but we will definitely be able to make good blends of Grande Réserve, Grand Prestige, Grand Rosé and Grand Nectar!

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